Are you designing a stair for your new house?
Are you a professional or a contractor assembling stairs for your clients?

Visual Stair Calc is an App for iPhone and iPad that will assist you with calculating basic stair parameters in a very straightforward way, in many cases with just a single input. You need to set the total rise (usually this is the floor-to-floor height) which will trigger calculation, display results and furthermore create a straight stair 3D animation of the selected result.

Key benefits:

  • Set the total rise (floor-to-floor height) to get valid combinations of number of risers and riser height. They are calculated automatically based on filter settings.

  • Adjust the run within a valid range while controlling resulting stair angle and 2H+S rule (2xRiser + Run)

  • Set value ranges for riser height, unit run, 2H+S and stair angle to filter calculation results according to stair building codes or just your needs

  • Switch instantly between units: centimetres, millimetres, fractional or decimal inches

  • Adjust unit precision

  • Professionals can switch calculation mode to round riser values. Last remaining riser will be adjusted to match the total rise.

  • Check visually your stair with textured, shadowed, straight stair 3d-model of the selected result. Watch it from different points of view, zoom in/out, rotate or move.

  • Choose from traditional wooden stair or modern steel baluster structure model

  • Turn landings on/off

  • Check space requirements with dimensions

  • Switch to full screen mode for clean screenshots

  • Check integrated help for quick overview of the app features

Animation examples from the iPad version:

Wooden stair

Steel structure stair

Privacy policy:
This App does not collect nor process any personal data.

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